Previous pinner wrote: It's always a treat when swifts,swallows or house martins make a home in the eaves. I love to sit out on summer evenings and watch them swoop low over the garden snatching up insects for supper.

Swallows ~ Miks' Pics "Fowl Feathered Friends V" board @

Peacock eggs

Barn swallows

'I was lucky to catch an early flight!' °

Barn Swallow

Swallows.....any time one would go to the barn they'd see barn swallows swooping and flying over head. There nests were in the barn.

Baby Hummingbirds

baby bird being saved after falling from the nest

Hug a baby elephant today! (If possible)

How Cute Is This Spring #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

stork's nest, Africa

Barred Owl... beautiful!

** spring


19 in 1 shot of a lifetime, Red-throated Bee Eaters

Violet-green swallow. Beautiful color pattern and sweet appearance, this swallow lives only in America and nests in cavities in a tree or rock crevice.

Mama dove with babe

Swan With Cygnets

How often do we get to see their nests? Amazing... #mike1242 #ilikethis #mikesemple2015 #beautiful #pinterest