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  • Lesley Schoch

    diy ball maze - this could be so many things... paper towel rolls and a cardboard box. gosh that's simple.

  • Dana Joubert

    So simple! Cardboard tubes + box = hours of fun! Neat idea for friends with kids!

  • Lindsi Graham

    Cardboard tubes + box = hours of fun! A new twist on kids being happy with a cardboard box...

  • Samantha McCall

    cardboard tubes + box = hours of fun! Can go a step further and have kids paint this fun race track.

  • Suzanne Bryant

    (cardboard tubes + box = hours of fun!) I made it with paper towel roll, toilet paper roll, and a smaller box. The kids have enjoyed it - especially figuring out which balls travel best down the ramps. Easy!

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Homemade ball maze- and I just threw out several good cardboard tubes like 2 days ago!

ball maze or car maze. Use large box top and papertowel rolls or wrapping paper rolls to send things down

cardboard tubes + box = hours of fun!

My 2's would LOVE this! Liked how you can ask the children to find objects in the room that can roll down the tubes. Ping pong balls work best.

Oh my gosh! I love these! mm Cardboard tube cats -plaster wrapped? could do owls also

cardboard log pin. We use this technique on large tubes meant for construction. Using 12" diameter cardboard tubes with these applied strips. The logs or stumps are very realistic.

a great activity for shape identification, predictions (will it or won't it roll?), gross motor (we eventually tried to throw the ping pong balls onto the ramps from a distance), and just some general fun