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  • Penni Barachkov

    OMG! I love this site! Students or teachers can print posters for any part of speech, use teacher tools to find out fun activities to use in the classroom, students can make up wacky stories using parts of speech, test their knowledge and much more! VERY engaging with terrific pictures. Get a link to this site here, as well as many more language sites!

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This is a part of speech sort that can easily be used as a center activity. Perfect for review! The parts of speech included are nouns, verbs, and ...

Free parts of speech review booklet for wintertime

Part of speech game. Really fun way to review parts of speech! Can't wait to use this on the smart board!

Parts of Speech activity-nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs color by part of speech.

This Summertime Grammar Color-by-Number Activities set comes with 6 color-by-number activities for upper elementary for reviewing and practicing the following skills: parts of speech, synonyms, homophones, prefixes, suffixes, root words, contractions, and antonyms. This is a fun way to get in some additional grammar practice before the summer begins!

This is a fun way to review grammar concepts: pronouns, parts of speech, subject, predicate, sentence format, verb tense. The students can write th...

Parts of Speech Reference Sheet (link goes to "Click Here to Print" option on Scholastic's website) Free

Use grammar interactive notebook foldable pieces to teach and review parts of speech with your middle school ELA students. Notes support Common Core Language standards, including pronouns (6th grade), conjunctions and sentence structure (7th grade), verbs and verbals (8th grade).

Verb Word Search.... I would re-work and go on a "SECRET STORIES" Hunt!! Partner pairs search in books or around room to see how many they can find in so many minutes.... have to be able to say their sound as well as word they were found in for credit.... partner pair with the most wins!!!!

Noun / Verb Sort- modify whole group sort can add or illustrate with pictures- go a step further and add an adjective to describe the nouns. This would be great as a review for end of course exams.

Silly sentence project complete! I can't wait to use this for my word work stations.