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    Potential senior photo using a book, cell phone, or iPod for the prop. Could possibly be stats for a sports photo.

    guitar, photography, composition-Debi Jenkins, this would be cool pic for Emily

    He'd seen her everyday- the blind girl sitting on the edge of the street. And today? He decided to stop watching. "Hey… Mind if I sit? I have a song to play for you..."

    sleeping bearded man with guitar on sofa in nature. If I moved my couch to the park this is my luminous life.

    some rugged hipster man playing guitar on the deck. yes please.

    “At Last, You Can Learn Guitar And Popular Worship Songs With A Step-By-Step Guide In Just 30 Days!” Click link below and learn how! smb06.org/...

    just like second hand smoke, this photo emits second hand cool.

    "And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Or yourself?" -Mark 8:36

    Musicians know no age boundaries. Why do we keep expecting them to stop expressing once they reach a certain age?