no such thing as a bad breed...only bad owners!

sterio typing a pitt bull is like saying that human is mean so every one human is mean dont stereo type pit bulls

So true!

A tiny Golden Retriever Service Puppy meeting a Firefighter for the first time ~ puppies meet with "scary-looking" firefighters to help build their confidence.

looks like my baby harlem

pit bull + flower... I don't care what people think of pitbulls. I love my baby. She's my best friend and my protector. Remember it's how you raise them not the breed.

Love it, so true

"Dear Neighbor- This may seem ridiculous, but I thought you should know that my dog (who lives next door with me) is madly in love with your cat... and has been for probably 6 months! Three times a day, he puts his paws on our railing to look at him/her in your windowsill. Now that you have potted plants there, he's heartbroken... but keeps looking for your cat. Maybe plants could switch to a different window?? From Neighbor & her adoring dog! = 2nd pic - For True Love!" ~ Pet Shaming

<3 yup pretty much! soo cute.

Hatred is taught...not bred! <3 <3

Animal lover?


Save the pitbulls!


STOP Animal Cruelty (_Animal_Lovers_)not just animals ppl are treated the same way


i <3 old dogs

baby hippo <3

miss my weimaraners <3

its pitbull awareness month - Meme on Imgur

Coming home vs leaving your pit, this is so true! I feel horrible every day I have to leave my sweetheart