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    no such thing as a bad breed...only bad owners!


    So true!

    Service dog meets a firefighter. AAAHH Sarah look how unbelievably cute it is!!! Oh man. That one got me good.

    I hate that Pitbulls have become black listed in a way. The fighting dogs are TRAINED to act that way. If we treat them well, Pitbulls are an amazing and sweet breed of dog. Mommy, Can I have one?? #pitbull 101 #pitbull dogs #Pit Bull Dogs List

    Love it, so true

    ♥ yup pretty much! soo cute.

    Hatred is taught...not bred! ♥ ♥

    Animal lover?

    Save the pitbulls!


    STOP Animal Cruelty (_Animal_Lovers_)not just animals ppl are treated the same way

    Wow this is very true and so worth sharing!! I am happy to say that I have always been the best artist that I can be to my furbabies and pray for all the ones that have not been so lucky!

    Pitbulls-Hearts of gold

    how precious♥

    i ♥ old dogs

    baby hippo ♥

    Cute Golden Retriever puppy standing in his water bowl. -

    baby pits ♥

    Coming home vs leaving your pit, this is so true! I feel horrible every day I have to leave my sweetheart