irish wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound Picture

Irish Wolfhound. The ultimate big dog.

Spinone Italiano

Irish wolfhound

Another Pinner Wrote "Gorgeous labradoodle" - but I don't believe this is a Labradoodle. I can't remember the name of this breed - but it sure is a beautiful face! (UPDATE: After some research, I do believe this beautiful dog is a Wire-haired Pointing Griffon).

Old English Sheep Dog

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Cecilie and Irish wolfhound. I love Irish wolfhounds!!!!

Irish Wolfhound

'Two Subwoofers', An Irish Wolfhound Wears A Pair of Dachshunds On Either Side of a Saddle Bag

Irish Wolfhound. Holy Crap! I want one so bad

Afghanistan Wolfhound.

irish wolfhounds

The Borzoi. Also known as the Russian Wolfhound this sighthound breed was brought to Russia from central Asian countries & is a quiet, but athletic & independent dog. They do not have strong territorial drives & bark rarely, but are extremely smart and require patient, experienced handling. They are gentle & highly sensitive dogs with a natural respect for humans, & as adults they are decorative couch potatoes with remarkably gracious house manners. Good with children if raised with them.

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Irish Wolfhound, I want and need this dog.

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