irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound Picture

Another Pinner Wrote "Gorgeous labradoodle" - but I don't believe this is a Labradoodle. I can't remember the name of this breed - but it sure is a beautiful face! (UPDATE: After some research, I do believe this beautiful dog is a Wire-haired Pointing Griffon).

Irish Wolfhound. In his element. #dog

Irish Wolfhound. The ultimate big dog.

Big kind dog gives two "doxies" a lift! #dogs #pets #IrishWolfhounds #Dachshunds #puppies

The Borzoi. Also known as the Russian Wolfhound this sighthound breed was brought to Russia from central Asian countries & is a quiet, but athletic & independent dog. They do not have strong territorial drives & bark rarely, but are extremely smart and require patient, experienced handling. They are gentle & highly sensitive dogs with a natural respect for humans, & as adults they are decorative couch potatoes with remarkably gracious house manners. Good with children if raised with them.

Beautiful wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhounds are just AHHHHH so cute :)) I just want one! Is that so terrible?

Spinone Italiano


irish wolfhound: i want one so bad OMG this is what Angus looked like as a pup!

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Terrier

Mister Wolfhound. Not an apartment pet per this board, but who cares? A big dog in a cute tie? I want one!

I would love to have an Irish Wolfhound!

Scottish Terrier

its harley and wilbur!