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How To Write A Passive-Aggressive Note

This IS my husband.


10 Things I will do someday…

10 things to do. My friend and I hope to do #10 someday!


Creepy Whispers

20 creepy things to whisper while hugging someone, lol.

Other - BestieIf you could date any guy from One Direction who would you pick?Zayne cuz he seems dangerous and sexy!! You?Liam cuz he seems sweet and caring! Plus he's sooooo hot!!!Dude... Is this a weird conversation for two guys to have?Um.... Let's try out for football this yearNever speak of this.


Wasn't that drunk...

I wasn't that drunk...

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38 Drunk Texts You Wish You Got

Drunk Texts | Funny Drunk Texts from Last Night

- JakeHEY! I just got finished cleaning..Cleaning what?MY POOP!! YAY!! IT ISN'T GREEN ANYMORE!!...............?I MEANT TO SAY POOL. omfg -.-'

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19 Texts That Prove Romance Is Alive And Well

| Funny text message | funny txt message |