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    Here it is in black and white, with a little purple and blue, lol :) .... you know the shameful thing is that in high school I weighed 150 lbs and was 5'6". Girls called me fat. I was apparently right where I needed to be!

    Step 1: Use as grocery list; buy all. Step 2: Prepare all in snack size portions. Step 3: Have on hand at all times. Step 4: Eat THESE instead of those. Step 5: Feel better; lose weight. (note to self: good welcome home food item for a new mom.)

    Calorie Chart--see how many calories you burn while doing yard work or gardening.

    Calorie Burning Chart- Calories burned per minute

    tumblrgym: Calories burned per 45 mins by exercise Is it true that weight lifting burns that much?  Myfitnesspal says 32 mins of strength training only burns 100 cals.. and I weigh more than 130 lol.  I hope this chart is true!

    More interesting is the fact that this comes from an Urban Survival Guide about ... the Apocalypse.... Food Calorie Chart

    via heyfranhey: Edit* I just googled the BMR formula and it says you should subtract the 4.7 x age in years (as opposed to adding it, as the graphic states). Also, check out the Harris Benedict Formula which bases your caloric intake on this equation above as well as your daily physical activity!

    The Complete Guide to Calories - Ever wonder what exactly those calories we consume every day are used for? Here are most of the answers.

    A great graphic showing you the calorie content of the basics. Print it an pin it to the fridge