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  • Kelli Nation

    Tim Tebow! Taking a stand for Jesus Christ!

  • Miranda Zigler

    Tim Tebow. Repping Jesus like we all should. I'm not really into football but the amount of love, dedication, faith, etc this man has for our Lord and Savior is so awesome and I can't help but watch the Lords work in him play out on tv! People who make negative comments about him should be ashamed of themselves! He is only doing God's will for his life and being able to share that on national television to so many others, possibly changing their lives and bringing them to Christ! Simply amazing!

  • Jordan Johnson

    Tim Tebow. Repping Jesus like we all should! that's a real man!

  • Tina Willoughby

    Tim Tebow showing us how its done. in ALL we do let us give praise to God, whom all praise is due. amen Say what you will, but I see this man as a wonderful role model in the world of sports, he shows us what it is to serve God fearlessly. I think its awesome that he is able to reach so many people through his career and commend him for his perseverance even when there are so many people trying to bring him down.

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Tim Tebow...I have such a love / hate / lust relationship with Tebow. I predict the older he gets...he will just get more handsome.

Rob Sievers - "Here's another picture, & a piece I wrote about Sepp's amazing story: www.thepostgame.c... " (August 27, 2012)

Tim Tebow

Could someone please let this man play football so I can look at him!

When Tim Tebow wore John 3:16 on his eye black to a game, over 92 million people looked up that verse on Google. That means over 92 million people heard the Gospel just because one man took a stand.

Tim Tebow:) absolutely love his courage for standing up for his faith && not letting peoples insensitive comments keep him from praising the Savior

-"For me, it's so humbling, to see kids and they're like, you're my hero. I do nothing special, athletes do nothing special. We play a silly game," Tebow said. "But here's someone who put his life on the line for our country -- that's a real hero."

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Tim Tebow. Enough said.

  • Becka

    Briana- He's not the annoying one. Its the media. The media is what I hate. But I love Tim Tebow for not being afraid to express his beliefs. There are so many people out there that don't say they believe in god because they are afraid of what people may think of them. He's not afraid. Tim Tebow!- your a great inspiration!!! Going to miss you playing for the broncos.

  • Shawn Lewis

    I ♥ him, not necessarily for his football capabilities, but what's inside his heart! Wish we had more Tebows in this world...

  • Melanie Godfrey

    Amy Hollingsworth

  • Shelby Raiken

    I tutored him in college- he IS as good as they say he is, if not better. I'm sad for people who think otherwise.

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Tim Tebow. The PERFECT man. Admitted in an interview he was saving himself for marriage, what a great role model for young boys. He could have any woman he wants, but he chooses not to. Awesome.

Amazing Athlete, amazing Christian young man!

if everyone would take a knee every so often this world would be in a much better place. - Tim Tebow