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    A Little Update On My Favorite Laundry Detergent

    Like a death to have accepted someone and love them like a daughter then discover they were not at all the person you love and their actions led you to hate them. Working on not hating you but just putting you in the land of nothingness where you belong.

    What lies you told, my true hope is some day you understand the pain and heartache you caused.We trusted you, loved you, believed in you. You and your lies and cheating have hurt so many. To see you smile days after being caught with the guy speaks volumes of who you are in your core. To know you were a fraud hurts. You hurt the heart I trusted you with. I hope you one day feel what our family feels. You are the worst kind of thief, you stole trust, love, hope, faith, & dreams. #lyla

    Hope karma finds little miss lyla, the hurricane of lies and destruction....may she some day feel what she has caused others.

    Cut a slip in a plastic lid and slide it over your paintbrush to control paint splatter.

    How to upholster a corner - this shows how to eliminate the excess fabric.


    Upcycle your old wire hangers into colorful non-slip hangers with bright yarn or embroidery floss. Great life hack. I use the flocked hangers now and using yarn or pipe cleaners would be cheaper. You don't have to go all the way around the hanger either.

    Clipboards are a stylish, artful way to display your coolest statement necklaces. Love this life hack. Would also work so cute if you sell your jewelry at craft shows or in a store display.

    Love this life hack. Could be done really cute for kids as well. Wheeled drawers let you utilize under-the-bed space.

    Life hack, use a coke can tab to make a double hanger for closet space savers.

    They used it for this reason...Assign different seasons of clothes different color hangers in your closet. But you could also use to let beginning self dressers know what matches what. All blue hangers match each other, all red, etc. Think garanimals. :)

    Waffling: I Had a Rackcident {How to Remove a Glued on Towel Rack}

    Our family chore list - click to see the full version. it includes our daily, twice weekly, weekly and monthly tasks.

    Work For Hire Chores - The Chic Site, free printables. Children incentive to work and earn.

    DIY Toilet Spray! Traps the smell in the bowl!

    Make Reusable Swiffer Covers

    DIY: Hem Jeans Fast & Easy |do it yourself divas

    Homemade Soap From Scratch

    Great idea and just went on my Dollar Tree list to buy...extra storage using dollar wired trays. Could hold lids, small items, crafts, etc. Would work on any wall, or back of door for extra storage space.

    Fun Luggage Tags, free printable DIY

    diy luggage tags at tatertots and jello

    Cute printable DIY luggage tags!

    DIY Luggage Tags Using Paper Scraps and Ribbon: Little Paper Dog

    Nine Red: School of Restoration: DIY Chalk Paint