Tips for Sewing Knits

Easy tricks for sewing with knit fabrics-EVERYTHING you need t know about knits

Working with knits

Sewing On Leather: Stitching and Seams

15 great tips when sewing Minkie fabric. Thank God.

how to sew a ruffle on t-shirt fabric

Hemming stretchy KNIT fabrics. 6 ways to beat those pesky puckers! Very helpful.

The secret to hemming knits. It's the type of thread you use

How to Sew Leather on a Standard Sewing Machine

Tips for sewing with knits

sewing with knits tutorial

7 Time Savings Sewing Tricks

Put tissue paper under knit fabric to avoid wavy, stretched out seams.

How to using all those sewing machine feet! Great tutorial! --Need to check this out later.

Tips for Sewing with Tulle

Feet vs seams and hems

Here is a great little tip when measuring your seam allowance, stack three pencil's together with a rubber and. One stroke and you have the perfect 1/2" seam allowance. So clever!

How to make a Pillow - simple sewing tutorial

Sew Can Do: Ways to Sew Knits Without A Serger. Tips, stitches & tools to beautifully sew interlock, jersey, swimsuit & other stretch fabrics on your regular sewing machine!

Sewing with elastic thread in your sewing machine....SO EASY!!!!

How to get neater corners~other tips like this for sewing are in my "tips and tricks" board :)