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"I've got your picture; she's got you." PATSY CLINE. // (Listen for many examples of "have/has got" and past tenses. NOTE: I've got = I have.) // See lyrics (words to song) at

Faron Young - Hello Walls This is one of my favorite of the old country music songs. Faron and Patsy certainly had a way unique to their day.

Roy Orbison offered his song - 'Only The Lonely' to both Johnny Cash and to Elvis to record...both turned it down, so Orbinson set about recording it himself. It became his first hit after releasing in July of 1960, hitting #2 on the Billboard Top 100.

Get your friend a thing from the past, if they love 50's - 60's music. Get them a CD of their favorites, or one of variety. Most people love to listen to music

PATSY CLINE : NO one could bring out raw emotions of loss and sadness better than Patsy. Tragically died way too young from a plane crash