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I really want to get in a paint war

~ She isn’t too complicated, yet few understand her. She is centered in this life, yet some think she’s a tangled mess. She gives without question and loves so deeply, yet has walls to protect herself. She has nightmares in the dark, yet always smiles with the sun. She has eyes that can see into your soul, and yet of this, few will ever know. She has a voice, often unheard. She knows who she is, and to this, she is always true. She isn’t anyone special.She is simply a woman. She…. is simply ...


Colors of the Wind

In love with the paint fight photoshoot concept <3

Dreaming of a PINK summer!

PINK beach balls..


Be free


shes rockin it

put this on the bucket list too!

Time with my friends

this is where i wanna be.

pinterest: jaiiiime

Hahha some of the things friends do... <3

have a paint fight❤

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Love the hand color!! get it hand color;) ha

coollloorrssss !