Mystery Bowls game for Halloween party

Halloween game - fill bowls with noodles, jello, etc and see who guesses the most correct

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Halloween Party Games

This would make a great party favor for a Halloween party. 5 Halloween Candy Boxes That Anyone Can Make — Halloween

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halloween game from lisa storms, Monster Eyeballs, peeled grapes. Ears of Frankenstein, dried apricots. Tarantula Legs, pipe cleaners Mummy Toes, baby carrots wrapped in gauze LOVE IT!

What a unique way to display fruit kabobs for a party! This could be the party table centerpiece. Just stick your skewers right into the top of a pumpkin.

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"SAND WITCHES - love these witch hat and leg pics......

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Great idea for Halloween! Turning on the light to find that would get a few screams

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