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The lion and the lamb shall lie down together. Odd animal friendships like this contradict and stand against the theory of evolution. They are inconsistent with it, and they represent the glory of God's desired end for the natural world which He created. When God created, there was no carnivory. When Jesus comes back to take charge, he will put an end to it for good. Lions will eat hay.

Oh! What a day! Kitty Cat, Cat Yoga, Cat Meow, Exhausted Cat, Cat Naps, Kitty Rocks, Funny Animal,

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Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

I love this cat!!

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Community Post: 35 Cats And Other Cute Animals Winking

35 Cats And Other Cute Animals Winking

Sir Purrsival used to do this, but in my elevated bed, after 11 years of Ragdoll 23 lb bulk, it's too much for him to escalate & he's uncomfortable with my stool addition, but he's always nearby!

♥Silêncio e sorriso são duas poderosas ferramentas. O sorriso é um meio de resolver muitos problemas e o silêncio é um meio de evitá-los.♥

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middle finger

Bad kitty...

Well this is nice fresh air, crunchy leaves, and grass to eat, ah who am I kidding I'm scared out of my mind and I'd rather be home at my scratching post. lol

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WHY DO CATS MEOW? Top Reasons Your Cats Meow!

What Do Cat Want: Cat Language!A big thank you to the Training and Behavior Dept of Oregon Humane Society for their help with cat body language information. I have been a cat-less dog person for many many years, so some of this stuff was new to me! For example, I didn’t know that cats also emoted with their WHISKERS (relaxed = fanned out and horizontal; anxious = pulled backwards) Pupils, ear positions, body weight, and tails are the other indicators of how a cat is feeling…