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Kids in 2013 weren’t afraid to dream big. | The 28 Funniest Notes Written By Kids In 2013

Dr. Seuss style explanation of pregnancy. Wonderful!

Thanks Disney

This made me laugh

Ain't Nobody Got Matches for That - Cheezburger

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lol The Hemsworth brothers. | Liam Hemsworth | Chris Hemsworth

Dear Grandma, I love my new hat, it keeps my ears warm. Thank you so much. Really.


so now you know.

Can't. Stop. LAUGHING. Rachel Rowe

too cute

Tea Cup Pomeranian... such spoiled little things.sigh! need one!!!!!

Beau-coup Wedding Blog | Unique Wedding Ideas

haha so true!

OMG Ariel.. hahhha!

How To Deal With Morning People…

this made me laugh much harder than it should have.

Disney used to be a scary place...

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Serious Unicorn

Seriously just laughed at this for a good minute or two.

It gets better every time I look at it

Oompa Loompa....oh my..