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Média nacional de rostos femininos.>> E o Brasil? Seria bem interessante, considerando a diversidade

Funny pictures about Average Woman From Each Country. Oh, and cool pics about Average Woman From Each Country. Also, Average Woman From Each Country photos.

Female Body Image is increasingly under pressure and yet still despite all this information weight is still pushed as the solution for everything. I call that stupid!

Female Body Image infographic that displays how different social aspects affect a woman's body image.

Esse recado na conta de uma jovem família

21 fotos que irão restaurar sua fé na humanidade

Paying it forward and Random acts of kindness. 21 pictures that will restore your faith in Humanity. This is worth reading!

I like this a lot.

Great idea to write a list of more productive things to do than go straight to the computer/phone/tablet. Just a little reminder

I love Kate Winslet. Help build self esteem in our children by talking positively about ourselves!

wow this is so true. I gotta remember this if I ever have a daughter! I feel like we would live in a different world if girls were taught to love their bodies at an early age. Oh ya and I love kate winslet

Love this! I felt this way prior to my mid-30's. Now I miss the bony me.

This is so true! Why is there a certain way for beauty? If people believe being really skinny is beauty then it is. If people think being really overweight is beauty then it is. There is no specific "beautiful" thing. Every thing is beautiful:) ♡

So doing this for my kids when I have some❤️

The concept is great but in our family we get car sick when we try to read in the car. So my kid can enjoy his reading indoors instead.

#INFOgraphic > Impossible Barbie: What are the chances for the average woman to attain the Barbie-look ? Almost zero, as it is plausibly impossible to hit all the measurements of such  idealized proportions. Even models and anorexics miss here. See how far from reality is the barbie standard.  > http://infographicsmania.com/impossible-barbie/

Impossible Barbie - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

LOOK: What A Barbie Body Would Look Like In Real Life - At this point, it's common knowledge that Barbie's body isn't the most realistic. But what would it actually look like if the famous Mattel doll was a real woman?

The Best Funny Pictures Compilation What if we plant trees on graves instead of putting...

What if we planted trees to replace tombstones? I want a tree instead of a tombstone.

Love this!

Body Image Acceptance: Accept you are a unique individual, and stop comparing yourself to others. You are NOT supposed to look like them. You are supposed to look like you.

mind blown!!!!! I wonder what else the government is hiding........

Lincoln was shot in a theater named Ford, not Kennedy. And Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln continental stretch limo made my Ford.

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i hope he is not paralyzed, but if he is, the idea that he has a way to still to perform surgery is good.