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Exercises to Improve the Platysma Muscle

by Denise Stern
The platysma muscle is found at the front of the neck, under the chin. Platysma banding is known as a "turkey neck." Turkey neck is more common in women than men, and many people seek cosmetic surgical procedures, such as a neck lift, to reduce the appearance of a sagging platysma muscle. However, b...
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    Can Tobacco Have Positive Benefits for Thyroid Patients? A Look at Anatabloc

  • Vikki Tracy

    Exercises to Improve the Platysma Muscle (5 to 10 times for each set) -tilting head slowly from side to side &front to back -. Place your lower lip over your upper lip and tilt head back, feeling the stretch along the sides of the jaw and along the front of the neck. Stretch until you can see the ceiling, and hold position for several seconds. For extra boost, thrust your chin upward slightly to feel added resistance.

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