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  • Bonnie Burns

    Disturbing racist vintage ads

  • Sonja Gotcher

    Community: Racism In 30 Vintage Ads

  • Professor Brooks

    Aunt Jemima ad- Understated Prejudice/Stereotype in magazine ads. Observation: This ad exploits the radial stereotypes of black people being mentally inferior, speaking with a broken english. Also showing black women have some formidable input on matters of the kitchen.

  • Kimberly Brooks

    Old racist ad. Ain't no vermins in my kitchen either, I hope

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Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour

ad. it is a sad testament about a party if adding a tootsie roll really jazzes it up.

Parties are twice as much fun when you play the harmonica!--Oh Boy!!!

Vintage Ad - Dog Rides Comfortably in Sack on the Running Board. How awful!!!

I hear stories of this all the time about people "passing" UNTIL they have children who come out "looking black"

War Production Board’s Cooking Fats – Free! Bomber Trip to Berlin (1943)

harnessing the power of pop culture long before memes and social media