Got a bunch of old magazine laying around? Create a stool out of them!

See how to make a suitcase table with these step-by-step detailed instructions!

crochet top stools

cut stencil in cardboard, cut out shapes from magazine pages, create collage!

Make little shelves from vintage books, twine, and pretty paper.

A magazine stool - that's great!

Nifty Stack Stools = Recycled Magazines Crafts = great party seats... (graduation party idea?)

Have you got a pile of magazines laying around that you know you should recycle or donate?  Before you do that, check out my list of 10 uses for old magazines! Cupboard liners - Line above your kitchen cupboards with pages to protect from the dust, then...

Have old cans laying around? Try #upcycling them in to eco-friendly art with one of these 12 easy kid-friendly #crafts #diy

Letter made from a book

Map Cutout Lampshades

Table made from a bar stool.

Create words with brass push pins in a foam board and frame. Quick, original, affordable art.

DIY Copper + Pine Magazine Rack

wooden design

I LOVE this idea...Use old book cover. Collect Christmas cards or fill it with Christmas photos of family!

Mon carnet: crochet stool cover

DIY faux fur stool

28 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects | product design | diy

Ikea stool and white mongolian lamb cushion cover. Remove seat from stool, use it to draw two circles: 1 on wooden board, 1 on thick foam. Cut out circles. Glue foam to board, lay flannel over board/foam & staple to back of board. Remove back Mongolian lamb cushion cover. Lay fur over flannel/foam/board, staple to back of board. Screw new seat to stool legs.

This DIYer took it up a notch making this Ikea stool super duper cute! Preciously Me blog : DIY mongolian stool