the fabric art piece >>. I have thought about this.

Fabric framed in a window.I love this for the craft room. as well as the fabric banner (cant really just have these hanging out in any room, but theyre soooo cute!

Make your craft booth attractive and interesting with the 10 innovative DIY ways given here. Check out!

10 Innovative Ways to Make Your Craft Booth Pop

Craft room wall Fabulous Pallet Wall could be a wall interest behind a bed instead of a headboard.

É ótima e barata opção reaproveitar uma janela velha na decoração vintage (Foto:

Old window frame with canvas back. Great Idea- I have window like this i need to do something with. Maybe a burlap back and use the PB keys?

Child bedroom on Pinterest

Love this idea for Caitlyn's wall. Pleeeeease go vote for London's big girl room on project nursery! Voting ends tonight in just a few hours and we are down by a bit! Just click this picture and scroll to the bottom and vote for London's room!

Parede colorida  Colcha de pacth  Bandeirinhas   Almofadas coloridas   Tudo lindo!

CREATE A Kickass Granny Chic Decor. Visited to grandma's house in the hometown, chances are you will be treated to old-style house design and vintage .

Quem também curte esse clima de primavera vai a-m-a-r essas inspirações e dicas pra decorar a casa com flores aqui no blog!

Dicas pra decorar a casa com flores

Tahla Quilt -  My style, just not my price range.  I'll have to dream I am steeping in this.

Tahla Quilt

Just like a unique bed frame can make a room, so can a fun quilt or bed spread! If it's hot in the summer where you live, have a light quilt instead of a big duvet. We love how colorful this quilt is!

Tons of different patterns draped over the bed and different pillows all stacked up make this my dream bed

Wish this was my room! Totally thinking about doing a room makeover! ⋴⍕ Boho Decor Bliss ⍕⋼ bright gypsy color & hippie bohemian mixed pattern home decorating ideas - bedroom

Our Prairie Home: CRAFTS & TUTORIALS

DIY Barn Window Picture Display DIY Home Decor Crafts --- cute to de-clutter the fridge of cards and pictures.

matching or similar headboards of recycled bedsprings or garden gates to pull together 2 different beds - but design headboards separately for boy or girl

Clever, cute and creative.fence gates as headboards. room has great ideas. I like how wire fencing has been used. I think this would be a fun garden cottage guest room. Bees Knees Bungalow, it's worth a look.

20 Absolutely Brilliant DIY Ways To Use Old Pictures Frames Into Home Beautification

20 Absolutely Brilliant DIY Ways To Use Old Pictures Frames Into Home Beautification

46 Creative DIY Ideas Using Old Windows in Your Home

217+ ideas on what to do with old windows

burlap amp grapevine wreath, crafts, home decor, wreaths, Just simple pretty I love it on my old window as a backdrop