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hahahah we were just talking about this lol Tiffany Deyoe Jordan Hayth :)


Bc I love this stuff so much

Askhole. I can name a few that I work with.

This literally made me LOL. Too funny

I don't even know but I love this

Horrible but funny sometimes hahahahahha

Real talk



yep pretty much sums it up

Jordan Bromley Hayth Tiffany Deyoe I feel like this is our lives. hahahahha ♥

Hahaha yes

Couldn't have said it better

But really

But seriously though....

Hahahaha makes me happy

Hahahah yesss

Little Ass :)

Bill Murray: One of great funny men ever

zombie unicorn shirt I would totally wear this

Hahaha yeah sounds about right sometimes

All my Catholic friends will get this

Hahahahahahaha yeah pretty much