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Make a Basic Quilted Mug Rug, a tutorial

Last week, in The Mug Rug Bug Hits, I shared photos of a few of the mug rugs I made for holiday gifts. Since then I have had over a dozen requests for a tutorial for a simple quilted mug rug, with ...
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Happy Birdies Mug Rugs | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Scrappy Potholders - cute and fresh design with great texture! #quilted #sewing

There's no pattern, but used this tutorial to piece the birds - /in/photostr...

Need to make one of these to take with us when we go out to eat, that way Monster can eat his puffies on his own instead of out of our hands.

What is a Mug Rug? A small, fun to create, mini quilt that is mostly there to look pretty on your desk and soak up your drink of choice's drips and condensation, as well as giving you full-on permission to eat some cookies, since, well, that extra space off to the side of your drink is just THERE for you to use.

All sizes | a thank you note. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Mug rugs - interesting idea to have two sides to it for variety. Some days pinwheels, some days fish!

Probably an easy mug rig to whip up in an afternoon.

I'm in love with these colors! a scrappy mug rug by Angela - Fussy Cut, via Flickr

Simple idea for a small wall quilt for home decor. Colors of course to coordinate

Mug Rugs: the plus one is made with 1.25 inch squares and fusible interfacing, the triangle one is made with 2.5 inch squares made into HSTs