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bucket list: watch my children get married

I'm sure it has happened before but never enough

Don't know if I will ever know that I accomplished this....BUT I can hope my daughter will tell me someday♥

Feel confident in a bikini. (Hopefully sooner than later!)

#travelquote "Pack everything up and get away." Let #thevillaguide plan it all for you.

Because I KNOW the Lord desires for me to be a mother.

Dear Mom and Dad, as you know I am graduating college AND turning 21 this year. I would really appreciate it if you gave me the world like this guy's parents gave him the world! (And no Mom, giving birth to me is not giving me the world. Its giving me life. Theres a difference.) Love, your favorite child who does so much for you and who hasn't used it against you till now! :] ♥

i don't forsee my parents ever moving out of their current house, but wouldn't this be an awesome way to pay them back for everything?

And I shall have a daughter and her middle name will be Jean. The legacy must live on!

I'm trying desperately to achieve this, confident on outside quivering wreck on inside

Do a striptease for someone. (preferably without breaking into a fit of laughter) - Your Bucket List.