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    Stephen Colbert

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    Thanks, Stephen Colbert. It is ironic this member of Congress is named Steve King. Both the politician and the writer Stephen King are known for their skill in the genre of fiction. But who is the most scary? I suspect the politician knows his argument is a false, but says it to get support from his far-right cohort. We must do more than laugh to counter malevolence. On hearing such hateful comments, we might say, "My views on the subject differ." ("You are wrong" might create animosity.)

    Stephen Colbert

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    Stephen Colbert

    Funny Memes - [Colbert confesses his wrongdoings] Check more at

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    Stephen Colbert

    Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Science, Stephen Colbert. ...Wait. Are you saying that god is so powerful that he can create a show so good that even he will watch himself disprove his own existence?

    The original Franco vs. Colbert Tolkien showdown. At least he tried to answer...I would love to meet Stephen Colbert simply because of his vast knowledge of all things Tolkien.

    Have I mentioned how awesome Colbert is?