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I write better than I talk. and while i agree with the sentiment, shouldn't it be i write better than i speak?


This is SO TRUE: The funny thing about introverts is once they feel comfortable with you, they can be the funniest, most enjoyable people to be around. it's like a secret they feel comfortable sharing with you. Except the secret is their personality.

It has a name!

the scent of rain on dry earth. The word is constructed from Greek, petra, meaning stone + ichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology<<-I thought of Doctor Who ;

Always overanalyzing.

"My brain never shuts off." "Your brain and her mouth have something in common, then," he said cheerily, jerking a thumb in Savannah's direction.

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INFJ - This is extremely challenging to explain to others who do not feel the same way. I struggle at work as I am surrounded by people all day - most of which I find annoying and irritating with their negative conversations and negative attitudes.

Or they just look away and hope for someone more interesting to start talking. Trust me, I'm hoping for that too, lol! #intovertprobs

Socially Awkward Penguin: Try to contribute to conversation; everybody talks over you until you just stop trying to contribute.

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