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Star Trek

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Star Trek Into Minion. Two of my favorite things mixed together, and imagining the chaos that would follow is amusing!

Star Trek Vulcan Poster - 11 x 17 Glossy Cardstock Art Print - Star Trek Joke Live Long and Prosper - Prime Directive on Etsy, $12.00

Star Trek - Predicting the future of technology since 1966!

Star Trek!

Star Trek

Star Trek

Star Trek

Hand Painted Star Trek Wine Glasses on Geek Alert im not a trekkie bit my dad is and I WANT THESE!!!! #startrek #LLAP #kurttasche

Star Trek by Alex Ross

Star Trek Voyager ;-)~❤~

Star Trek humor

Star Trek -- Phasers

“In Star Trek lore, the first Starship Enterprise will be built by the year 2245. But today, an engineer has proposed — and outlined in meticulous detail – building a full-sized, ion-powered version of the Enterprise complete with 1G of gravity on board, and says it could be done with current technology, within 20 years.

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