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Happy Lincoln, Sad Lincoln - Imgur

Besides shopping, what else can you do with money? How about making Mr. Abraham Lincoln sad and happy.

Never go full retard.

Maybe she’s born with it… via /r/funny funny pictures View Full Article

Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Let me tell you a joke that'll make your tits fall off. (Which is why you used child support money to get fake boobs. just like your fake personality!

Best of facepalms…ppl are dumb!

Best of facepalms…

Facepalm Compilation - Wow some people are really stupid!that does the whole facepalm thing! Some people should never be allowed to leave their house!

TRUTH. haha, because there is probably a reason I didn't say it out loud

Text someone in same room. When I text someone in the room as me, I stare at them untill they get it. I can relate to this, because I also have sent a text.

Amazing Ocean Facts#funny #lol #lolzonline

Amazing Ocean Facts#funny #lol #lolzonline

Liam Neeson

Funny pictures about Don't mess with Mister Neeson. Oh, and cool pics about Don't mess with Mister Neeson. Also, Don't mess with Mister Neeson.

Janear, Jafar, Jawherever you are!!

Janear, Jafar and Ja wherever you are. - Funny Jafar from Aladdin. Making fun Titanic style with Leonardo Di Caprio.