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    City Symphonies - Sounds of traffic - processing & maxmsp

    • Alisa Goikhman

      A traffic simulation is used to power the movement of vehicles through different sections of road networks in London. From a street level perspective the motions of traffic combine the sounds to create soundscapes that are unique to the place and time. The roadside becomes a new context for sound – the city is the score.

    • Henri Groovin Slowly

      Although many electric vehicles use synthesized sounds to simulate the sound of motor vehicles, you can let them play any sound you want. London-based interaction designer Mark McKeague explores the future sound of urban traffic by letting electric cars adapt their sound to their relationship to other road users and the environment. Can the city become a symphony?

    • n V

      City Symphonies by Mark Mckeague: The roadside becomes a new context for sound – the city is the score.

    • Festival MOD

      City Symphonies, el futuro sonido del tráfico. Una visión de Mark McKeague.

    • W Chris

      City Symphonies - Sounds of traffic - processing & maxmsp

    • Sangmi Park

      City Symphonies by Mark McKeague

    • Pedro Muzzi

      "arte generativa"

    • Federico Russo

      City Symphonies

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