Velcro circles hold these small sink containers to the wall.

use sink caddies on the sides of the pantry or closet wall. Smart way to keep track of all of those small packages of pantry items. they are just little sink caddies, held on to the wall by self-adhesive velcro dots!

Como organizar a despensa ou o armário da cozinha - Casinha Arrumada

Como organizar a despensa ou o armário da cozinha

A disorganized pantry is a kitchen nightmare. Turn your cluttered kitchen pantry (or kitchen cabinets) into a storage dream with these great pantry organizers.

Use two tension rods to hold cheap wire baskets under sink for easy access to small kitchen items.

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What a simple solution to little clutter!

Conquering That Clutter

Think outside the {toy} Box - Over 50 Organizational Tips for Kids' Spaces- shoe organizer on the closet door for art supplies and craft items.

Put the force of gravity to work in your kitchen with our Can Rack. | $14.99

Gravity-Feed Can Rack

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Organizaçãpotes e condimentoso do potes de condimentos.

Organised pantry that uses every inch of available shelf space with the right-sized storage containers do that everything is neat & organised

For the fridge

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Ideas: Refrigerator Organization Fridge Bins And Organizer And Tray From Crate And Barrel Ribbed And Footed Pieces Bring Modular Style To The Refrigerator: Good Furniture Models for Kitchen

Save tons of space in your pantry by grouping your overstocked canned goods into magazine holders.

Use a magazine rack to hold your canned goods in your pantry. PB&J; Stories said she used a bobby pin at the end as a stopper. Is the bobby pin thing safe?

用纸巾筒做笔筒,好方法!——更多有趣内容,请关注@美好创意DIY (

Shoe box + toilet paper tubes (and/or paper towel tube pieces) = storage for pens and other office/art supplies. This website also has additional paper towel/toilet paper tube project ideas.

You NEED TO check out these 10 Easy Home Hacks That Will Change Your Life! They're THE BEST! I've already tried a few and my house looks SO MUCH BETTER! I'm so HAPPY I found these hacks that will save me money and time!

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Having a gander at some fridge organisation ideas despite mine being empty most of the time because I have no self control over my eating habits, brb.

Pantry ideas-- article isn't great, but I like that hanging bag idea.

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*Some are silly, like the chips hanging from a clothing hanger!* 16 Pantry Organization Ideas You'll Wish You'd Thought Of - Never have a messy pantry again once you learn these super easy tricks!

Concrete and grey bedroom interior

Concrete and grey bedroom interior (Murray Mitchell)

Read More"Using baskets, buckets, thrifty items to organize the pantry. Forget the kid's snacks.MY snacks.", "Organized Kid snacks easy to reach for inde

Is your Kitchen Pantry in need of a major makeover? Today, I will be sharing some Organized Kitchen Pantry Ideas to help get you inspired to start putting together your perfectly organized pan!try

Organized Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Pantry Organization - Blooming Homestead Pantry Organization - this is perfect, well it needs labels and the expiry dates.