I want to see these years too! Wah!!

new friends

If you don't watch the last airbender or legend of korra you're not going to get ....but very cool I love it!!

OFFICIAL older Aang and Katara art from Comic-Con. Ladies and gentlemen, this is awesome.



Fight like a girl.

Katara being a bad ass, as always

haha Sokka

Avatar the Last Airbender

Characters of Team Avatar meeting their older selves. Omg sokka...

Elements intro in Avatar: The Last Airbender compared to The Legend of Korra - Imgur

Aang and Zuko all grown up ♥

Avatar: The Legend Of Korra 2nd season of avatar the last air bender

Team Avatar

Avatar: the last airbender

Avatar: the Last Airbender

Is this a quote from somewhere? Because it's awesome. - for those too nerdy to get it, the quote is a lyric from a Kanye West & Jay Z song, No Church In the Wild. Glad to help:)

Avatar family!

The Legend of Korra/ Avatar the Last Airbender