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Never Grow up Peter Pan - also known as Peter and Wendy

Ready for Your Adventure with Peter Pan? Children love to immerse themselves in their favorite story and act out the characters in their vivid imagination – that is the beauty of childhood after all!

Peter Pan's Shadow: This particular effect was done by an interior designer and is painted on directly. It is not achieved by a decal on a lamp shade. If it were, it would be casting off residual light around the silhouette. Me? Make a silhouette. Enlarge. Trace onto fabric (same kind of fabric used underneath furniture after it's upholstered). I won't get the exact same effect but it's worth the try. Hope that helps and Happy Pinning. ;)

Super Easy LEGO Brownies

Looking for an easy LEGO party idea or even an extra special play date snack? How about easy LEGO brownies?

Peter Pan Wall Decal Children Flying Silhouette Never Grow Up Quote Fantasy Fairytale Infinity Symbol Wall Decals Nursery Kids Q037 #walldecals #nurserydecor #vinylstickers #peterpan

Holiday Party Sherbet Punch

Holiday Party Sherbet Punch recipe from The Country Cook. This is our favorite party punch. Good for any occasion!