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Great for teaching manners in the classroom. I have a list of manners and I have a child act out the opposite and see if the others can guess. They then act out the correct manner.

I believe in good manners but political correctness is a joke because it changes continuously and is constantly being manipulated by the media.

Manner are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, not matter what fork you use.

What rules would you make for your kids?

Rules for Kids

Looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your kid's room? Use this Free Printable Kid Room Wall Art.

dream big use kind word say i love you laugh giggle by silly share say please and thank you be grateful keep your promises help others breathe try new things keep calm laugh out loud- love this, hate the "u".

14 ways to improve your table manners: www.colincowieweddings.com/articles/wedding-basics-etiquette/the-importance-of-good-manners-while-dining?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=etiqeutte

for manners sitting at a table place the napkin in your lap upon seating.When leaving the table temporarily, put the napkin on your chair.At the meal's end, fold your napkin and place it to the left of your place setting.

Love love love this for a baby's room. I'm having this made for Brody's room!

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you after all youre the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside quote - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

Family Rules Grey Canvas Wall Art (don't whine should be bigger... just saying...)

Perfect as a delightful focal point or in an eye-catching vignette, this charming typographic print brings a family-focused message to your walls. Place it i.

Family Rules  Beach House Home Subway Art Print by iloveitall, $32.00

Items similar to House and Family Rules Manifesto Subway Art Poster Print Scroll Roll Sign . Family Motto Nursery Wall Decor // Words to Live By on Etsy

good moms. This makes me feel better, I hope my kids are happy because of something I did!

For moms who know what really matters. Black box sign with "Good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids." in white. All wooden box signs are deep and can be freestanding or hanging. 8 x 7 x inches.

Kids bedroom tidy up checklist, I'd make mine a little bit different, but I love the idea of giving them a checklist, letting them go do the work and checking on it later.  Great way to earn some rewards points too :)

You give them the detailed job cards and then off they go to help you keep a clean house! I usually keep a point tally with my smaller kids (big kids dont really care for the point system, you just take away privileges from them if they don't cooperate!

Writing a thank you note is one of those dying art forms of etiquette that really should be revived!

How to Write a Thank You Note

The results of my research on how to write a thank you note properly - one of the dying practices of etiquette that could stand to be revisited!

or on instagram or on twitter or on the walls or on the tables or on myspace or anywhere else that it might hurt somebody's feelings.   THINK!  T-is it true?    H-is it helpful?      I-is it inspiring?        N-is it necessary?          K-is it kind?

Updated quote of something I'm always saying to the children "If you can't say anything nice." :-) Some people don't realize they hurt other people's feelings with their comments.

Una sola parola per ricordare i principi fondamentali della #netiquette. #galateo #etiquette

Una sola parola per ricordare i principi fondamentali della #netiquette. #galateo #etiquette