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Where There's Fire, There's Fire Mars Square Mercury February 2014 to March 2014 Once that brilliant idea arrives, you won't be.

Yes we are very good at controlling/hiding our emotions but at the same time only the ones we truly trust will see it. #Gemini

Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo agreed.but Libra.because all the libras I know are really dramatic

A smile may hide those thousand feelings from others. Yet my heart still bleeds inside. I could die tomorrow and people would say, "Oh. She was smiling. She at least died happy." And the truth, will die with me. This is the truth.

That about sums it up. Don't piss me off. I'll throat punch you in a heartbeat with out warning.

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Aquarius- I've so done this! This is why I want to study anthropology

You tend to be very observant and love to study the human nature and analyze why everyone around you acts the way they do.This is so me

Tumblr user D*sney*Scopes decided regular horoscopes are boring, so he created his own Disney interpretation of it, i have the say the results are pretty amazing. It's obviously not completed yet due to the abundance of Disney characters out there, but our hero is trying his/her hardest and posts new updates frequently, let's start it off with the standard Zodiac order, from Aquarius to Virgo.

Ariel always was my favorite princess when I was younger now it's Pocahontas tied with ariel