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舞-HiME Mai-HiME "Fuka Gakuen is a combined school with classes from primary through to senior high. In Fuka Gakuen, there is a rumor that a mysterious monster had once appeared, and that the only counter-measures against the monster were girls called "HiME", who possessed the abilities of HiME (Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment). Mai is a transfer student unaware of this rumor. However, she is suddenly told that she possesses the power of a HiME."

Day 5: hagania is an anime that i enjoyed but Im ashamed because theres naked people in it and i dont like that

Everyone loves Arishige's smile but Mioko has a strange feeling about it. And then, she will discover what Arishige is hiding behind it...

Hana is a girl that tells to everyone that she is now interested in Celebrities. But there is one thing that everyone does not know, Hana is actually a member of a Talent Agency that always finds the perfect idol. One day, She goes to a concert and finds 5 boys that she wants them to be a 5 boy group in their agency.

Ano Koro ni Aitai ("I want to meet in those days") - romance manga about a Yuzuru, a design student in love with her adoptive brother. Short, predictable. Not bad if you need something quick to read.

A lonely girl finds a devil doll on a rainy night. What will happen?Original Webtoon (Naver - Daum)