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Another piece of art ed advocacy cheese to help with marketing to the masses. Note worthy here is the book, "Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education," Lois Hetland et al. This reviewer comment by S. Locke encapsulates the core of what art ed brings to the education table. It is how and why I teach visual arts when I am the one calling the shots: "critical and creative thinking is not a matter of magic or divine inspiration, but rather the result of a mind set ..."

Brain Candle Terri DeRosia

Using the shape of a hand and arm in this I think connects it to the photograph itself. In the photo, she is covering her face in her hands which makes you look more closely at the photo to wonder what is going on with it. I think it adds to the graphic a lot and makes the meaning of the picture pop more.

Many art pieces by a very interesting young designer - Clement Goebels

Buried in the National Library of Medicine's collection of more than 17 million items are some pretty amazing, largely unseen objects from around the world. These rare and fascinating pieces range from historically significant texts to grotesque depictions of skin ailments to hilarious cartoon warnings about infectious diseases.

The Exile, Museo Nacional Soares dos Reis, la obra maestra de 1872, Oporto, Portugal

Georgia O'Keeffe—Hand Alfred Stieglitz (American, Hoboken, New Jersey 1864–1946 New York City)

wherever you are is home and the earth is paradise wherever you set your feet is holy don't live off it like a parasite. you live in it, and it in you, or you don't survive. and that is the only worship of god there is...

What do you know like the "back of your hand".... great way to teach the meaning of this expression through creation of something learners know like the "back of their hand" (their town, game of soccer, Disney World, a friend, etc....) ....Follow for lots of Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

Tracciamenti, Abito. The hand as something worn or put on. Another fabulous shauna lee lange curation.