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A good list of plants for full sun. Must take list shopping:)

Container garden... This would be perfect under the tree in my front yard.

Container garden

Coleus used in shade garden

Multicolored coleus -- shade-friendly

Coleus make great partners in sun and shade. For backyard box that gets lots of shade.

Solenostemon 'Whittonii' (Coleus)


DIY summer shade container garden

Most alliums are easier to grow than those big, gaudy tulips that disappoint you every year. They thrive from the Upper South (Zone 6) to the Coastal South (Zone 9A). They come back year after year and those stinking deer and voles won’t touch them.

Japanese Painted Fern

Creeping Jenny, Golden Moneywort. (Lysimachia nummularia Aurea) Excellent, fast spreading groundcover forms a leafy mat only 3” tall. Foliage will be bright yellow in full sun. Penny-sized gold leaves freely root at the nodes. Profuse buttercup yellow flowers in summer. Provides a perfect blanket of color beneath Hydrangea, Hostas and Ferns. 3" Height.

How to grow plant cuttings.

Placing deep-hued 'Midnight Rambler' coleus front and center allows the variegated foliage around it to really shine. | Photo: Matthew Benson |

'Red Coral' coleus is one of many in the Under the Sea Series that boasts fanciful reef-like foliage. | Photo: Matthew Benson |

DIY Tin Can Flowers. Want to make some simple flowers to adorn up cycled garden projects... Like making the little yello watering can into a bird house!


Thrift store glass plates into garden flowers.

DIY Garden Trinkets • A round-up full of great ideas and tutorials!

Pink Poppies

Ranunculus, so pretty ♥

coleus and sweet potato vines for a shady spot

sweet potato vine and coleus

Omg I want to do this. There's a pallet outside of a nearby store that's been sitting there for weeks.

A Fun and Easy Way to Paint Pumpkins!!