Heartthrob: The Dream Date Game Vintage 1988: Toys & Games Omg I love this game!!!!!!!

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Loved this show

Vintage Toys & Gifts - Old Fashioned Toys

Vintage One Bad Apple Game - Pressman (1988) - Complete - Vintage Game

Love-A-Lot Bear Care Bears Poseable Toy


my cousins had this !

Mattel 1988 1980s 80s toy toys Vintage Little Lil Miss Makeup make-up doll. $65.00, via Etsy. From http://foudak.com/mattel/

Vintage 1966 Kreskin'S ESP Psychic Board Game by Milton Bradley, Fun Retro Game!

I am a little obsessed with "vintage" toys I had as a kid

1988 Super Star Barbie

Toys from the 80s

1980s Electronic Games


Vintage Nickelodeon Finders Keepers Game Complete Ultra Rare 1988

Perfection... I was kinda good at this game

Disney Electronic Games

Atari - I have a vague memory of my dad setting this up for my brothers and I to play every now and then at night sometime in the early 90s before my brothers got their Super Nintendo. I think this would be my earliest memory. haha

Vintage 1959 STEVE CANYON USAF Air Force Board Game, by Lowell Toy Mfg.

I still have this game at my parents house!