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Ninth Plate Ambrotype Portrait of a Young Girl Holding a Chalkware Cat

European, possibly, but beautiful dress either way!

[Portrait of Three Women and Men in a Garden] Franz Antoine  (Austrian, 1814–1882)

Portrait de fillette accoudée à une table et portant un panier de fleurs

Half Plate Daguerreotype Family Portrait, the mat impressed "S.ROOT 363 BROADWAY N.Y."

theowlhooteth: spanghew: marsiouxpial: x-ray of  alexandra feodorovna’s hand, otherwise known as the last tsaritsa I’ve always loved the Romanovs — they’re one of the stories of history that belongs to me in an odd way — and this x-ray is strangely ghostly and haunting.

Hawai | Necklace (Lei Niho Palaoa). Medium; Human hair, ivory and fiber. Early 19th century. The lei niho palaoa, made of braided human hair and the ivory teeth of beached whales, was an important symbol worn by the Hawai'ian nobility to indicate their genealogical descent from the gods. After the conversion of most Hawai'ians to Christianity in the mid-nineteenth century, such necklaces continued to indicate social status but lost much of their previous spiritual symbolism.

Early 18th Century Pendant. On the Front: 'IN MEMORY OF Besty Robinson Obt 3rd Octr 1809 AE 28 Yrd's Affectionate Wife, Mother and Friend' On the back: dual hearts, eternity knot of hair and the words: 'The union of hearts constitutes our happiness' (the website does a good job explaining the importance of the mourner that began in the 18th century)

[Group Portrait of Four Women and Three Children]- child on chair does not appear to have any legs!

Art Smith, Silver Necklace, Designed by 1974.

lace neck tie: I'm thinking late (18)60s, early 70s? Lurve those earrings!