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Helpful Tips for Everyday Success

Life isn’t always easy, and it’s been a lot harder. Otherwise we wouldn’t have so many nifty inventions for gadgets to simplify our lives. I know I couldn’t live without my immersion stick blender. I can’t imagine the time it would take to make soap without it! Still, between work and family and jus...
  • Blair Baker

    Useful organizing ideas, like reusing pour spouts and mason jars for various things around the house.

  • Spike Fart-King

    Tips to make household chores and organizing easier. Have seen some of these before. Anyone know if mason jars are available here?

  • Suzanne Spooner-Faulk

    Love the car trash idea! organization ideas

  • Sabrina Amell

    "Helpful Tips for Everyday Success" 1.) Mason Jar as a Blender Jar 2.) Pegboard Organization 3.) Freezer Meals 4.) Cord Organization Tips 5.) Makeup Brush Storage 6.) Re-use Pour Spouts 7.) Water Dispenser 8.) Car Trash Receptacle (Tupperware of course!!!)

  • Alli Ortell

    Helpful Household Tips- a few of these are helpful!

  • Bets

    Helpful hints: 1.) Mason Jar as a Blender Jar; 2.) Pegboard Organization; 3.) Freezer Meals; 4.) Cord Organization Tips; 5.) Makeup Brush Storage; 6.) Re-use Pour Spouts; 7.) Water Dispenser; 8.) Car Trash Receptacle

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The easiest way to hang a picture! Why didn't I think of this? Pin now, read later! #tips

Universal Wrapping Paper. Super clever #reddit

Cut out the side of a milk jug to create a paint holder with a built-in handle and brush-holder. | 47 Tips And Tricks To Ensure A Perfect Paint Job

DIY shelf- cheaper than Target's $20 corner shelves

Neat tips and tricks! Definitely going to start using these!

thank god i know what to do next time i'm being buried alive! Brilliant ;) Life, yo! - Imgur

Some creative ideas for re-use of common products for practical purposes!

I like the jewelry organizer hanging, instead of all my supplies in drawers where I have to dig for them.

Use magnetic strips to store bobby pins behind a vanity door. Rubbing a walnut over scrathes in your furniture will disguise dings and scrapes. Store bedlinen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting. place an iphone in an empty bowl to amp up the music, any concave shape will amplify the music!