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Imatex - red velvet jacket, bound in blue.

Imatex - close up of sleeve w/ piecin, and lace at cuffs

Imatex. 18th c. velvet jacket with cuffs

1800s? Jacket and Vest - Imatex Reg#11551

Imatex - pink jacket, simple neckline treatment, piecing throughout

Yet another great museum database, IMATEX is the database of the Textile Museum and Documentation Centre in Terrassa. Lots of amazing 18th century clothes, especially jackets

Imatex Jacket, 1790s?, close up of trims (click through) and construction

Imatex - jacket, 1740s-60s? - winged cuff, seamed skirt, stomacher

Imatex - Lovely simple and interesting jacket, 1790s?

Imatex - fascinating piecing done on the back of this pierrot style jacket

Imatex - The front tabs were at one time bound in blue (see back picture) Perhaps a project for the blue velvet sitting in my stash...

1889 burgundy silk velvet dress with embroidered panels and ruffled collar, with matching burgundy silk velvet muff, American.


Bed Jacket 1725, British, Made of silk

Quilted jacket and skirt, red silk material. The jacket is laced in the front. Loose-hanging pocket made of velvet. Early 18th century. Nordiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

Morning dress

Court suit, late 18th–early 19th century French Blue patterned velvet embroidered in gold and silver metallic threads, blue and white silk threads

Bed jacket, 1700-1750, British, silk. (c)The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bed jacket Date: late 19th–early 20th century Culture: American Medium: silk. Sideway

Schiaparelli jacket 1940's

Dressing Jacket - 1913-14 - Linen, silk