Merino cloth pelisse, with spotted fur trim. England, 1812

1812 Costume Parisien. Turkish pelisse, trimmed with marten (fur).

Velvet Pelisse trimmed with Chinchilla fur - Paris, France - 1819

1816 Costume Parisien. Hat of silk. Redingote of merino (wool) trimmed with squirrel (fur).

Pretty yellow coat with fur trim.

1811. Velvet spencer trimmed with fur.

This fashion plate from January 1813 features a morning walking dress and pelisse trimmed with luxurious ermine.

A pelisse-dress 1819 costume parisien

Men's fur-trimmed plush Hussar-style redingote, 1815.

Pelisse with striped fur lining. 1809 costume parisien

1803 (probably). Tunic overdress trimmed with swansdown. Would be lovely in cotton velvet. Or in lightweight wool, trimmed in bands of velvet instead of swansdown or fur.

1813. Velvet fichu trimmed with fur. It would take a good bit of mink to recreate this one...

1816 Costume Parisien. Hat and boots of satin, overcoat of satin trimmed with otter (fur).

Redfern Theatre Coat - 1925 - by the House of Redfern - Trimmed with wolf fur - 'Decades of Fashion' - @Mlle

Fur lined blue pelisse. Costume parisien, 1813

1804. Costume Parisien. "Chapeau de Velours. Douillette de Satin." Hat of velvet; overcoat (or quilted coat) of (silk) satin. Also a strikingly short hem for early Regency, and a cute bonnet with a long lace veil. The coat is trimmed with either white fur or feathers (swansdown or something else).

Cotton Pelisse with Shell Buttons, England, c.1820, National Gallery of Victoria

Fur Trimmed Winter Ensemble with Plumed Velvet Hat, Giant Fur Muff & Fur Lined Satin Slippers - (Note the skaters slipping and sliding in the background!) - Paris, France - 1814

Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1812.

Bonnet, beaver felt lined with silk satin and trimmed with velvet ribbon and ostrich feathers, c. 1816, English.

1913 Edwardian Fashion.