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Villa holidays are the perfect solution for families to spend quality time together, free from any scheduling. Just living with each other and having fun. Read the James Villa story to find out why we endeavor to cover the little things that go into making the big holiday.

Greece’s Most Delicious Local Delicacies

What to pick from the menu when in Greece to be sure of the best Greek culinary experience whilst on holiday PLUS ideas for cooking your own Greek meal whilst in a villa holiday in Greece.

James Villas Top 5 Beaches

James Villa top 5 beaches in Europe including Spain, Italy, Greece, Gozo and Portugal

I’ve always had the travelling bug. In my youth it became the ‘norm’ to take time out to see the world and go travelling to far flung destinations. More recently I decided to embark on a journey to…

My Holiday Dish

A simple recipe to use on your self catering holiday in Spain - Habas con jamon, to really get into the Spanish spirit.

This Summer’s Best BBQ Recipes

Some excellent and simple recipes to BBQ whilst enjoying your James Villa Holiday, kebabs, corn on the cob and Cajun pork, give them a go!

Travel: Are You A Planner Or A Pantser?

Girls on tour by Nicola Doherty book review. Whether your planner or pantser, GIRLS ON TOUR is a hilarious holiday must read that will keep you entertained wherever you find yourself.

The largest and most populated island of the Canaries, Tenerife is a prime destination for holidaymakers from all over. Known as ‘the island of eternal spring’, visitors can expect spectacular scen…

A Traveller’s Guide to The Last Kiss Goodbye

The Last Kiss goodbye by Tasmina Perry book review. Bestselling author, Tasmina Perry’s new novel begins with a forgotten photograph that takes archivist, Abby Morgan on a journey across continents. Here, Tasmina takes you on a whistle-stop tour of the book’s destinations.