Matt Bellamy, Muse

Muse. The number one band in the world. I love you guys.

Seen them twice but could happily see them every single year for the rest of my days!


Carlos Santana.. One of the greatest guitar players in the world.. Another guitar god.

Arctic Monkeys



Muse: Drones


Muse - Amazing in concert! Yep see them live if you haven't!


kiss the band | KISS BAND

The Who, The Loudest Band in The World? Maybe, but definitely one of The Best EPIC ROCK BANDS EVER!! ... Who's Next? Ted Eat your spinach & ROCK ON!! LOL!! TP "The Who" Keith Moon Roger Daultry Pete Townsend John Entwhistle #thewho #keithmoon #petetownsend @indiefilmacdmy The Who Links:

That Little Ol' Band From Texas In Houston these guys are seen (sand often met) as hometown heroes

Pink Floyd one of the best bands, ever...

The Cure

2006 The Raconteurs - San Francisco Concert Poster by Rob Jones

Lady A