Fox Snow Dive - Yellowstone - BBC Two

Fox Snow Dive - Yellowstone - BBC Two - A red fox listens out for mice scurrying six feet beneath the snow before diving head first into the drift to snap up its prey.

When I said I wanted the attention of a bunch of foxes... this was not what I was thinking.

Zao Kitsune Village, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan A fox sanctuary where you can feed and meet all kinds of foxes!

The AJ McCarron & AJ Starr Friendship Story - YouTube

The Story of the Special Friendship Bond between AJ McCarron (QB for Bama) & AJ Starr (Equipment Manager for Bama )

vintage Yellowstone photo via National Geographic

"'Bread for a hungry bruin?' Blond bear begs in Yellowstone, but children obey park rules: Don't open windows or offer food.

GOLDEN EAGLE ATTACKS AND CATCHES DEER.Golden Eagle Attacks and Catches Deer. A golden eagle has been filmed attacking and killing a sika deer in the Russian Far East. Golden eagles have been known to hunt large mammals but predation of an ungulate species in this area of the world has never been documented. Linda Kerley with the Zoological Society of London inadvertently captured the images while studying Amur tigers and leopards. Caution

Golden Eagle attacking deer caught on trail cam trap in Russia - Golden eagles can have up to wing spans.

Arctic foxes and the magnetic north. Didn't know you could draw a comparison between foxes and drone missiles :)

'You're Invisible, But I'll Eat You Anyway.' Secrets Of Snow-Diving Foxes

This is just jaw-dropping. Red Fox’s Extremely Technical Hunting Technique

Heartbreaking photographs capture the facial expressions of animals

Heartbreaking photographs capture the facial expressions of animals

Damaraland mole rats (Cryptomys damarensis) at the Houston Zoo. Photograph by Joel Sartore

Fish in Jellyfish

Photographer captures fish trapped inside a jellyfish while free diving. Australian Photographer Tim Samuel spotted a fish caught inside a jellyfish

OOoo my head hurts and the room is spinning

* * Through three trees three free fleas flew, While these fleas flew, freezy breeze blew. Freezy breeze made these three trees freeze. That's what made the three free fleas sneeze.

Vías de extinción.

Fox in Flight by Bob Malbon, via animals nature wildlife photography birds