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Americans Searched Canadian Jobs Like Crazy During Trump's Rise

"Americans eat generic cereal while you eat a $44 breakfast that they paid for" Trey Gowdy's Furious - YouTube

Seven Ways Obama Is Trying to Sabotage the Trump Administration 1. Betraying Israel at the United Nations 2. A new Cold War with Russia 3. A new Cold War with Russia 4. National-monument land grab 5. Eliminating the national immigration registry 6. The great Guantanamo jailbreak 7. Depicting Trump’s election as a disaster

(176) @realdonaldtrump - Twitter Search

African American History Inventors List! You will be suprise at what black inventors created that we use today

African American Inventors List | African American History Inventors List! You will be suprise at what ...

Pulling out of Addiction Paradox • SCIENCE NEWS • Illustrations commissioned by Science News, the American bi-weekly magazine that publishes short articles on new scientific and technical developments. Art direction by Marcy Atarod.

Civil Rights Activists: Dorothy Height, former president of the National Council of Negro Women, is regarded as a pioneer in the fight for equality for both African Americans and women. (Photo by NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

original pinner states: I just used this and found info that I've been looking for ~ for years. Love This Site ~ !!!!!! Library of Congress Newspaper Collection

The No. 2 owner of Fox News is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who said, "A strong American Government is not good for us."

Michelle Malkin ~ Great debater for the conservative side of the country ~ Google Image Result for