Christmas window decor

Cute idea for Christmas decor

snowman door - super easy and cute to decorate the house for the holidays!

Do-it-yourself Christmas fireplace to hang your stockings from! Do NOT try to use it to burn the Yule log, though.

M & M Christmas Story: I've never seen this before, what a GREAT idea!!!!

stockings as place setting decor.

Winter hanging basket

Wall Nativity.

Decorate above the windows and doorways, and above both sides of the room divider.

homemade christmas decoration- great idea. Colored ribbon or mini lights inside can really jazz it up

Christmas Ornaments with fishing line and a few crystal in between! In a window or even on the porch!

Christmas Window

hang festive ornaments from your shower curtain rings for a fun way to dress up a plain shower curtain... Changing Seasons: Easy Winter Holiday Bathroom Decor from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod


Ornaments hanging in windows

Burnt out Christmas lights dipped in glue and glitter

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DIY Christmas decorations | Christmas Ideas


Christmas decorating

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