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rare black lion. nature takes beauty & creates new beauty!!! rare black lion ~ black is indeed beautiful!!!


Fractalius Leopard

SNOW FALLS ALL OVER SOUTH AFRICA - the lion still is king!

#I am a lion. I am very protective. Be careful how close you get.

Where did everyone go? I wanted to play Marco Polo and I even brought my water wings.

Amazing Cheetah

White Serval

Lion With Turquoise Eyes


Caracal Family

Dance with me?? by Robert Cinega / 500px

Black jaguar, Mexico

Big cats like boxes too!

Melanistic jaguar - Melanism is an overabundance of black pigment in animals and is actually the opposite of albinism and even more rare.




"Guardian" by Nebraska artist Courtney Kenny Porto.

Jaguar - Belize (by Gerry Ellis)

wild beauty