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Save a life :(

This beautiful kitty with giant toes and feet was taken in by Panda Paws Rescue. This is her being held by the veterinary staff, showing off her big feet and many toes. ❤ She is now in a good home.

Take it or leave it

Adopt, don't shop.

Best friends

Timing is everything

This face!

I missed you!


Dog raised by cats

Is it working?



The more you watch it, the funnier it gets

Every weekend

This guy!

This coat is a little big on me

stray cat sneaks into zoo and makes friends with another "kitty"

Cat Ownership Tip

bunny therapy! Oh my god oh my god oh my god

Upside down pitbulls

Susie the bulldog had recently birthed her own litter when owner Leslie Clews found three abandoned baby squirrels. He decided to take a cha...

Everyone loves turtles

LOL. So true! The stereotype of German Shepherds being mean is BS

why hellooooooo