Posting student goals. We are reaching for the stars!!

BE! LOVE this!!! The wall outside my room. Next year...

List of 30 procedures to remember to teach at the start of the year. Good list even for veteran teachers.

Aim High ~ Have students trace their arms on colored paper, and fill your door with student goals for the school year. Save these goals for reflection in June.

**The Bandaid Lesson - great!** Lesson to explain differentiation to more "that isn't fair" after this demonstration! Good first day of school lesson, love!

Student Goals are posted

I have half of these cards up in my class and my kids love choosing their goal each day and I have noticed a huge difference in the way they are during the day. They really like reaching their goals, and it's helping teach them to manage themselves in a different way. LOVE THESE SO MUCH!!

Beginning of the year goals... LOVE!

Start this at the beginning of the school year to go home at end of the year! Great idea.

Students' own personal libraries

I'm an end-of-the-year expert!! Students get excited to share what they have learned this year. Fun end of school writing activity and craft :)

Affordable end of the year gifts for students

Bulletin board ideas

To be used with "How To Lose All Of Your Friends" by Nancy Carlson. At the end of the story the girl has lost all of her friends. The students make "keys to friendship" to help get her out of the house.

Class stationary! Give each kid a post-it to draw their portrait and then make copies. Kids would love writing letters!! Love this!

The students can write something they learned on a post it note, and stick it to the door as they leave. "ticket out" idea

After School Routine Checklist- would be good to have one to keep me on track. Good post for a new teacher.

Instead of clouds for hopes and dreams, have their hands instead reaching for their goals.

We are reaching for the stars with our GOALS! A fun visual aid to help the kiddos make short and long term goals.

I LOVE this!! She has the #firstday hashtag up for, obviously, the first of the school year. She's going to take a picture of each student and put their it on the board. Then she'll change the hashtag and pictures throughout they year. SO cute!!

Cool beginning of the year project.